Committee Purpose

The Emergency Response Committee is dedicated to planning for and mitigating any unforeseen emergency.

In collaboration with the Town of Pouch Cove and the Pouch Cove Volunteer Fire Department they have produced a joint Emergency Response Plan under the guidance of Fire and Emergency Services.

In the recent past, the Emergency Response Committee recommended that an alternate power supply be provided to the Town’s water source in the event of extended power outages. It was installed in November 2014 and has been utilized on several occasions.

Click here to view the Towns of Pouch Cove and Bauline Regional Emergency Management Plan.

Committee Members

Emergency Council Committee Members:

Pouch Cove
Joedy Wall, Mayor Pouch Cove
Mark Vardy, Deputy Mayor Pouch Cove


Chris Dredge , Mayor Bauline
Colin LeGrow, Deputy Mayor Bauline
Craig LeGrow, Councillor
Jason King, Councillor
Emergency Planning Committee Members:
Pouch Cove
Barbara Tilley, Emergency Management Coordinator
Joedy Wall, Mayor
Derek Sullivan, Fire Chief
Susan O’Keefe, Executive Clerk
Steve Hewlin, Member


Craig Drover, Emergency Management Coordinator
Colin LeGrow, Deputy Mayor
Craig LeGrow, Councillor