Committee Purpose

In 2010, the communities of Bauline, Flatrock and Pouch Cove completed a Collaborative Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) as a requirement of receiving Federal Gas Tax funding.

An ICSP is a strategic plan that supports, promotes and enhances long-term community sustainability. It is defined within the Gas Tax Agreement as “a long-term plan, developed in consultation with community members that provides direction for the cities, towns and regions to realize sustainability objectives it has for the environmental, cultural, social and economic dimensions of its identity.”

Since 2010, the three towns have worked closely in implementing the various components of the ICSP through an ICSP Committee that meets monthly. The ICSP Committee is comprised of a Citizen Representative, Council Representative, and Town Staff Representative from each community. The diverse nature of this committee has produced many new ideas and initiatives that have positively contributed to the well-being of all three towns. The ICSP Committee has also strengthen cooperation between the three neighboring towns as we work together to find solutions to common issues.

The ICSP is an important document that will guide the development of the region in years to come.

Committee Members

John Sainsbury – Council Representative Pouch Cove
Pam Wall – Employee Pouch Cove
Ken Pittman – Resident Pouch Cove
Michelle Martin – Council Representative Flatrock
Dianne Stamp – Employee Flatrock
Robert Schmiedendorf – Resident Flatrock
Christopher Dredge – Council representative Bauline
Craig Drover – Employee Bauline
Wade LeGrow – Resident Bauline
Jennifer Power – ICSP Secretary (Bauline)